Jul 31, 2023 | Zenagos® Expert Tips

Zenagos Expert Marketing Tip: Use Free Website Performance Tools

Dear Zenagos,
I just launched my business, and every penny counts. My vendor charges a lot for “website performance monitoring.” Is there an inexpensive way to do this?

There are excellent free tools available that can help you to achieve your website performance monitoring goals without breaking the bank. It’s not always easy to strike a balance between cost and value, but in this case, there are some solid options.

Why does website performance matter?
Your website’s performance directly impacts user engagement, search engine rankings, and ultimately your business’s success. In order to ensure that your website delivers a seamless experience to your users, you will need to monitor your site.

What are some examples of free tools?
Great sites to check out include Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and WebPage Test. Be sure to try each one. Their services are slightly different, so one of them might be a better fit for your business than another.

These free tools allow you to monitor your website speed, identify areas for improvement, and optimize performance by providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Some of the features they provide are:

  • Site real-time performance monitoring
  • Website load speed analysis
  • Site up and down time monitoring
  • Comparison data of your site’s performance against industry standards
  • Individual page analysis and recommendations
  • Mobile and desktop performance

You have a lot of options when selecting which tools to use to monitor and analyze your website’s performance. There are numerous both free and paid tools and they are constantly changing as they add features to better meet their customer’s demands.

We recommend that you start by trying one or two until you get comfortable; the statistics and recommendations may seem intimidating at first. As you become more experienced at understanding the data, you may want to try others that provide more in-depth information.

Pros will run their websites through multiple performance tools, since each one provides slightly different information.

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