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Zenagos Expert AI Tip: Improve Your Prompts with D-R-A-F-T-I-N-G [Downloadable Cheat Sheet]

Q. Dear Zenagos,
Everyone says they are using AI to create their marketing copy, but when I ask AI to write business content, the output is really weak. How can I get better results?

Our small business clients hear everywhere that free generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bing Copilot can help them speed up their content creation. However, when they try it, they get weak results. Their question for the Zenagos Experts is, “How?” Exactly what should they type into the box to get good results?

In response, Zenagos created the D-R-A-F-T-I-N-G framework. As with most software solutions, if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out. If you want written output that meets your needs, you need to specify your standards. Specifically, you need to tell the AI tool what you want it to do, what audience you are trying to reach, what voice you would like it to use, and what goal you are trying to achieve. By mastering the mnemonic “D-R-A-F-T-I-N-G,” you can write better AI prompts, getting better results more quickly.

Choose a verb that tells the AI what you want it to do. For example, the AI tool can do a number of things, including “write”, “generate”, “evaluate”, or “re-write.” Download the Zenagos cheat sheet to see a list of verbs to stimulate your thinking about which verb to use.

Define your request. There are lots of different kinds of writing, including press releases, blog articles, ad campaigns, and video scripts. Tell the AI what kind of output you want.

Acting As
The AI tool can assume several different kinds of voice. Do you want it to behave as some kind of expert (such as an attorney, an agent, or a broker)? Or, do you want it to assume the style and language of a particular role (head of HR, CEO, or new hire)? Or, do you want it to assume the voice of a particular person (King Arthur, Guinevere, or Merlin)? Specifying the voice can get you to your desired writing style much more quickly.

If you don’t want simple text paragraphs as your output, state your desired format. For example, you may want the information listed in bullet points or presented as a table.

The AI can improve the writing if you specify the audience. For example, you would expect really different writing if your language targeted elementary school readers versus if it targeted university professors. As with the writing’s voice, specifying the audience can inform the writing style.

If you have a sample or other information that you want the AI tool to reference, provide it in your prompt. For example, some AI tools can read LinkedIn profiles. So, you could ask the AI to write a personalized email from you (using your profile as input) to a specific networking contact (using their profile as input). The AI can then look for common factors in your backgrounds and use them as talking points.

If the writing has a specific purpose, you can tell the AI tool about that need. For example, if the writing will serve as a testimonial, include that information. If it will serve as a reference, say so. That will enable the tool to choose language that suits the need more closely.

Most small businesses use their content to attract potential customers (or partners who could eventually lead to or refer potential customers). If you want your writing to achieve a marketing goal, then you need to include a “Call-to-Action.” That is, what should someone who is interested in the offering DO? Maybe you want visitors to download a coupon and come into the store? Maybe you want them to schedule a free consultation? Never forget your Call-to-Action, or you are wasting your valuable content.

You don’t need to use all 8 elements in every prompt, but if you use all of the relevant ones, your prompts and results will improve right away. If you want to use the D-R-A-F-T-I-N-G framework, click here or use the QR code below to download the Zenagos cheat sheet.

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QR code for the Zenagos AI Cheat Sheet for the D-R-A-F-T-I-N-G framework.

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