Join the Zenagos Journey

Congratulations! You have graduated from the Innovation Trek and you are now a ZenaGOAT!

Experience the benefits of belonging to a community of entrepreneurs after completing the Innovation Trek. Access the Zenagos Experts whenever you need guidance and stay connected to a growing network of ZenaGOATS, who can help you scale your business. 

Don’t Go Solo. Take Us with You!

"The Journey is like having my own Business Coaching Team!"

As you grow your business, you will encounter all sorts of challenges that may be difficult for you to anticipate right now. What if you had an Expert available to you, a business coach who understood you and your business goals, and who was there to help you find answers to those inevitable questions? Join the Journey and get access to your Expert coaching team!

The Journey includes:
  • Access to the ever-growing ZenaGOAT community and their networks. Use the network to help you find answers to questions, people to interview, vendors to help you, and more.
  • Personalized feedback from the Zenagos Experts – via Direct Messaging
  • Access to other ZenaGOAT’s invaluable, first-hand experience
  • Ability for you to provide your own experiences, recommendations and expertise to help other ZenaGOATs

You don’t need to figure out all the answers by yourself.

How much does the Journey cost?