The Zenagos® Innovation Trek

for New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Take the Innovation Trek to Start Your New Business with Confidence

Get expert training, easy-to-use templates and tools, and personal coaching to build your business!

  • Are you not sure of what steps to take to start your new business?
  • Are you worried that your idea might not attract enough  customers, or generate enough income?
  • Does the idea of selling give you heartburn?

The Zenagos® Innovation Trek will teach you exactly what steps to take to start your business on the right track.

The Innovation Trek is designed to teach you the most critical parts of building a business. The Zenagos® Experts are dedicated mentors who believe in you and will work with you to reach your business goals. You will leave the Trek with greater confidence that you can reach your goals.

Zenagos® Innovation Trek Outcomes

Format: Virtual

  • Define your offering
  • Find customers
  • Develop sales strategy
  • Refine your business model
  • Build your marketing plan
  • Prepare to find funding
  • Create a launch roadmap

Format: Virtual

The Innovation Trek will show you how to:

See through Your Customer’s Eyes

See Through Your Customer's Eyes

It sounds cliché, but you need to sell what your customers want to buy, not what you want to sell. We will teach you how to differentiate, price, and pitch your product based on the value your customer sees.

Reach Your Buyers

Reach Your Buyers

How much does it cost you to find interested buyers? To turn that “lead” into a buying customer? This is a make-or-break number you need to know, and we will give you a ready-to-use calculator.

Plan and Manage your Finances

Plan and Manage your Finances

The number one reason businesses fail is they run out of cash. Believe it or not, it is possible for you to be profitable and still run out of cash. Don’t like math? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a pre-built model to help.

At the end of the Innovation Trek, you will have an actionable plan to grow your business and maximize profits.

What People Are Saying about the Zenagos® Experts

The Zenagos Experts have started 17 businesses between them, and have decades of experience working in start-ups and large companies.

Engaged students receive an average of 45+ hours of personal and group coaching during the Trek.

“I was really surprised… at what a full support system you get from the Zenagos Experts. They keep us going and motivated. I think it’s an absolutely amazing program. The Experts are so great, so supportive and so knowledgeable.”
– Tiffany Wiggins, Zenagos® Innovation Trekker

How Does the Trek Work?

The Innovation Trek program is a mix of online videos, written articles, and assignments in conjunction with a significant amount of personal feedback from the Zenagos® Experts.

Each of the 6 modules includes the following:

Introduction Video
A Zenagos® Expert introduces the topic and provides a glimpse into the material covered in the module.
Detailed article or video explaining the main concept for the module. For those who like to go deep, there is additional “Advanced” material.
Tools and Tips
Tools and worksheets are available to help you to figure out what you need to do or build next.
Personal Feedback
A Zenagos® Expert provides asynchronous feedback on your worksheets and calculators.

The Innovation Trek includes a Minimum of 3 Live Sessions

Practice your communication, selling, and pitching skills during live sessions.

You can receive unlimited, on-demand coaching from all four Zenagos® Experts via Zenagos’ Discord community. You practice your communication, selling, and pitching skills during live sessions, and you practice networking with other participants in scheduled Accountability Check-ins.

The cost to join the Innovation Trek is $299/month

The Trek can be completed in 3 months with 3-4 hours of effort each week, but you can finish faster or go at a slower pace. You decide.


* No annual commitment required. Cancel any time. Before you sign up for the Zenagos® Innovation Trek, we want to make sure you are familiar with the many free resources available to you. If you prefer a structured introduction to starting a business, along with unlimited feedback and coaching, then sign up for the Zenagos® Innovation Trek. We’ll be happy to work with you!


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