Learn the keys to starting your own business and avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make.

During the 12-week Innovation Trek you will receive personal coaching on your business from the Zenagos Experts. At the end of the Trek, you will have your sales, marketing, hiring and financial plans, and a whole lot more confidence about what to do next to launch your business!

Innovation Trek Highlights

  • 6 Modules include 24 Lessons
A Typical Lesson has:

  • Introductory video
  • A mix of written articles and video lessons
  • Assignment
  • Personal feedback on Assignments
  • Additional recommended resources
  • 6 Networking/Accountability meetings with fellow Trekkers
  • Business coaching for the duration of the Trek
  • 6 Live Sessions with the Zenagos Experts
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-4 hours/week

Connecting with Customers

Learn how to see the world through your customers' eyes in the Purple Module by creating customer personas, building a customer journey map, and describing your business and offering in a way that is compelling to prospective customers.

Show Me the Money

Forecast the financial future for your business in the Green Module . You will learn how to set your price and estimate your revenue, organize the costs of running your business, and determine how much cash you need to start or grow your business.

Building Your Team

Whether you are a solopreneur or you are gearing up to grow your team, set yourself up for success in the Gray Module by documenting the support you need and practicing the pitching skills that will inspire people to help you.

Winning the Game

Develop your competitive strategy through challenging projects in the Gold Module . Analyze the competition, describe how your offering is different and better, select a strategy for creating value, and design a scoreboard to measure your progress.

Selling with Confidence

Roll up your sleeves and dig into sales in the Orange Module . You will learn how to design your own multi-step sales process, create a sales funnel, calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and compute what you can afford to pay for referrals.

Reaching Your Customers

The Blue Module covers tactics for finding customers quickly at the start of a business and strategies for developing sustainable customer sources. You will learn to target customers and create partner, website, and social media paths to engage them.
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