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Ina Jubert: Facilitating the Lioness Energy in Women

Ina Jubert

Coach, Creative, Teacher, Ina Jubert

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Ina Jubert

Coach, Creative, Teacher, Ina Jubert

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Ina Jubert’s career as a coach started in traditional corporate leadership development in a Fortune 100 technology company. She completed formal certification in a well-known 360 tool and coached developing leaders. However, her curiosity compelled her to investigate other approaches. “I recognized that the corporate methodology was very focused on one dimension of leadership,” Jubert explains. “I searched for a deeper coaching experience that would take a whole life perspective.” She explored a variety of approaches, including Holistic Coaching with Success Unlimited Network (SUN), brain-based coaching with the Neuroleadership Institute (NLI), Shamanic Training and the Tollerra Energy Mastery System with Mary Ann Robbat, SoulCollage®, Human Design with Karen Curry, and Personal Branding with William Aruda. “When I used a multidisciplinary approach,” Jubert recalls, “my clients’ self-awareness and how they viewed what’s possible for them just exploded. I knew I wanted to do more of that.” She poured her insights into the launch of her own company, offering small group workshops and one-on-one coaching to women.

These Women Want to Make a Contribution
In twenty years of coaching women, Jubert has seen some common patterns. She says, “The women who typically come to me want to make a contribution in some way. They want to find their way of expressing their capabilities, their power, their skills, their knowing.” These women may or may not know exactly what direction they want to take, but it is generally expansive. “Most women who have been in the business world have learned to constrict. These leaders have experienced success, but they are not challenged anymore,” Jubert explains. “When they are ready to make a change in their lives, it’s about letting loose, letting open, opening their voice.” This expansion is often toward a creative endeavor, such as starting a new business or becoming a writer or exploring art.

Helping Women Find their Unique Voice
Some of Jubert’s clients who want to stay in the corporate environment want to find their way to step up, to find a way to express their ideas, or even just to speak up, but with absolute confidence. Jubert says, “My coaching and personal development workshops help women consistently listen to their inner voice, so they know themselves fully.” In order to do so, they explore more than just traditional corporate leadership skills. Jubert expands, “They embrace all parts of themselves, so they can confidently express their passions, their capabilities, and their accomplishments through their unique voice.” The training draws upon practices from personal and professional coaching and branding, talent development, energy and healing modalities, science-based learning, and creative expression.

Facilitating the “Lioness Energy”
Jubert uses the image of the lioness to inspire strength in women: “What makes my company unique is that I bring together many disciplines and practices to facilitate what I call the Lioness Energy in women. This image and energy is about returning to who they are meant to be as authentic, joyful, and limitless women.” She imagines the lioness as a powerful creature that embodies confidence and freedom. The inner “lioness” that she seeks to set free in her clients is open and free, completely grounded in who she is, and unafraid to “roar” in order to be heard.

A Pragmatic Approach
Jubert stresses that her programming is practical. Women walk away from every coaching session or workshop with a tool or practice that they can apply in their lives. She says that her greatest reward is hearing about the concrete gains that clients make in their lives: “They have been able to move into roles that they want. They have advanced in their careers. They have changed family dynamics. They have defined relationships. That’s amazing.” She notes that a change in one part of a client’s life may cascade into other areas.

Focusing on the Business
While coaching is a passion, it is also a business that needs to be managed. Jubert expresses satisfaction in the creative freedom enabled by entrepreneurship – the flexibility to take risks and to keep learning. She smiles, “It’s energizing because I love to learn new approaches that I know will make a positive impact.” However, she says, the business aspect is challenging: “It initially surprised me how much discipline it takes to run a business.” She describes the challenge of walking her talk when she tells clients to focus. “People express it in different ways, but focus is really hard for the solopreneur. I hear it a lot.” She notices that creative people like herself have a tendency to jump from idea to idea. “There’s a shiny object over here, and there’s a shiny object down here, and they all sound really great.” However, over the course of two decades of coaching, Jubert has learned the value of a steady hand: “Focus is really important because it provides consistency. Your customers get to know what you stand for and who you are. Stay with the program, stay with the messaging, stay with the mission.” She talks with her clients who want to start a business about how important it is to build a plan.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs
Consistent with her program management approach, Jubert’s advice for new entrepreneurs is pragmatic. First, determine your purpose – decide exactly what you want to bring into the world and why. Second, learn about business, exploring multiple approaches and listening to many points of view. And third, she says, “Be disciplined. I know this is a theme for me, but I see the power of it. That discipline will pay off in so many ways.”

Helping People to Know Themselves
In coaching work, it is important for the coach to step back from the process. Jubert explains, “My work is about helping other people to open up, helping people to know themselves.” As such, she is proud of the moments when her clients achieve their goals. “When they find themselves in positions where others are asking them for their advice, when people are seeing what they can accomplish, what they can bring to their voice and capabilities, and they are so happy, then that is what brings me joy.” She describes herself as a facilitator of the process: “I feel so grateful when I’ve been able to help them to hear who they are, and to be who they are for themselves and in the world.”

Turning the Page
Jubert acknowledges that creating change in one’s life is not always easy. Sometimes the client holds self-limiting beliefs or has difficulty with people in their work or personal lives who do not want them to change. She explains, “It inspires me when I see or hear my clients experience these moments of revelation, those moments when a page is turned and they know how to move through those patterns of blocks they’ve had for years.” She knows that good work is being done when her clients open up with confidence. “What makes me the most proud is doing work that makes a difference in the lives of women. Where they truly get to know who they are and can take that knowing and bring it out in their voice. They are able to find that peace within their heart because they know who they are, what they want to say, and how they want to say it.”