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Take the Zenagos® CEO Trek

The Zenagos Experts will give you feedback and guidance tailored to your business and your goals
The CEO Trek is for small business owners who want to:

Try new Ideas to
Increase Revenue

Seeing flat or declining revenue? Thinking about tweaking your sales model or expanding your marketing channels?
Zenagos Helping

Build a Self-Sustaining Company

Are you overwhelmed? Do you find yourself in the “middle” of everything? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to take a vacation? Or sell the business?

Launch a New Product
or Service

Ready to launch a new business or new product and want to “do it right the first time”? Do you need to gain greater confidence while selling?

Working together

The Zenagos Experts Are Your…

Sounding Board &
Business Coach


  • Sales process
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business model
  • Pricing
  • Hiring
  • Exit
  • Target market
  • Marketing partners
  • Operational issues
  • Product strategy
  • Compensation
  • And more

Feedback and Practice Partner


  • Sales pitches
  • Investor pitches
  • Cold calls
  • Negotiating
  • Closing a deal
  • Networking meetings
  • And more



  • Lead tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Sales pipeline progress
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Financial statements
  • And more
Choose to work with true experts, who have decades of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experience.
Choose to work with true experts, who have decades of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experience. 17 Standalone business started, 170mm raised by Zenagos Experts, 1000's trained
Choose to work with true experts, who have decades of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experience.


Stand-alone businesses started
by the four Zenagos Experts


Raised by the Zenagos Experts as members
of entrepreneurial leadership teams


Of employees we have hired, trained,
managed, developed, and retained


Total annualized revenue of
companies we have advised


Zenagos® specializes in helping small business entrepreneurs who sell services to senior executives (B2B). Hear from some of our clients:
“The Zenagos crew deserves more than 5 stars. They’re outstanding. Their expertise and credentials are formidable but even more remarkable is their sincere desire to help entrepreneurs. I feel incredibly fortunate to have them in my corner. We can set up a one-on-one meeting when I need it and, at this point, I won’t make a significant decision about my business without consulting them.” – J.H.
“Zenagos was critical in supporting my high-tech business’s growth. From help with sales and closing deals, to negotiating contracts, to discussing growth options, the Z team was there and available with their wealth of experience. They do this because they love to help, and I am very thankful for my time working with them!” – L.B.
“I had a fantastic experience working with Zenagos! Their courses and coaching was invaluable to the process of starting my own business. They use data and proven strategies to help you build your vision and it’s helped me stay focused on the metrics that matter most for my business.” – S.G.
Choose Zenagos® Because…
Choose Zenagos® because we believe in…

A Supportive Approach

  • Working with you ourselves
  • Honoring your time and the way you work
  • A warm, friendly, and helpful approach
  • Safe environments for practice and accountability

Not In…

  • Handing you off to junior staff
  • Insisting that you take your team offline and meet our timelines
  • Thinking we know more about your business than you do
  • Leaving you to travel this journey alone

Real Results

  • Real-time feedback, exactly when you need it
  • Actionable ideas that you can put to use right away
  • Giving you access to our network if you need it

Not In…

  • Scheduling inflexible meetings, weeks in advance
  • Delivering boring reports or glossy binders you will never use
  • Hoarding our connections and relationships

Saving Time & Money

  • Pay-as-you-go subscription consulting
  • Telling you about free resources for entrepreneurs

Not In…

  • Having a $10,000 minimum fee
  • Charging you for support that you could get for free

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